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Social Media Policy

Social media policy allows companies to detail the rules and regulations of social media utilization by its employees. Most importantly, a good social media policy will greatly reduce a company’s liability and potential legal costs.

Every company needs a good social media policy

Social media is rapidly growing in popularity and importance. It is rapidly becoming an important and strategic component for many businesses. People use social media to network and build groups of friends.


A well-written social media policy will explain to your employees what they can and cannot do. They benefit because they have a code of rules. The company benefits because the policy helps protect them from potential and expensive legal action. Everyone benefits!

With so many people using social media, expect that they will discuss your company. And so will your customers.

Social Media Policy Class - a complete online course

Working with both human resource experts and attorneys, we built this class to provide you with the insight and understanding required for you to construct your company's social media policy. It also includes an editable social media policy template.

This class discusses key issues and decision points.

Upon signup, you will:

  • Receive unlimited rights for one month to a detailed online video (approximately 50 minutes) on social media policy factors. Contents of this video include significant human resource and legal input.

  • Be able to DOWNLOAD A COMPLETE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY TEMPLATE that we supply in Microsoft Word format for easy updating. The social media policy requires only minor changes and can be used almost immediately or you can customize it to meet your company's specific requirements.

  • Bonus: access a PowerPoint presentation of a real life situation in which a large publically held company whose Social Media Policy went badly wrong.

Cost: $119

Learn what you need to know to develop your own policy. Download our social media policy template and have a working policy in minutes.




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Course fee: $119
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