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  • Waiting for the Groupon
  • Look Before You Leap – Thoughts on Finding the RIGHT Opportunity
  • Verbal Branding - 4 Levels of Simultaneous Improvement
    (part 1 of 2)
  • Nothing to Tweet (a cartoon) 
  • A Chance Meeting
Waiting for the Groupon
by Bruce Newman

Bruce Newman

Coupons have been around seemingly forever. In social media, however, they have now taken on a new incarnation: groupons.  What’s a groupon?  A groupon is a coupon that requires a predetermined minimum number of people to use it before it becomes effective.

To elucidate further by use of an example, a store offers a coupon for 60% off of some item. However, since this may be a drastic reduction, it needs to make a minimum number of sales for this promotion to be cost effective.  It sets this minimum and the percentage off for the product when creating the groupon.  Using the groupon, a buyer will purchase the item at the reduced price with their credit card.  However, the charge won’t be made and the purchase won’t be completed until the specified minimum number of groupons are used by interested buyers.  For this reason, buyers are encouraged to use social media – such as Facebook, Twitter and mobile – to tell other potential buyers about the sale.  The seller wins because it gets a lot of publicity and – potentially - moves a lot of merchandise. The buyers win because they get a large group discount and Groupon wins because its user base continues to increase.  In Groupon’s first nationwide campaign which just ended, it partnered with the Gap by offering $50 worth of apparel for $25 (a 50% groupon).  This resulted in 441,000 groupons and over $11 million in sales.  Did the Gap make a profit on the sale? Probably, but more importantly, it generated a huge audience and brand awareness.
Look Before You Leap – Thoughts on Finding the RIGHT Opportunity
by Katie Mead
When opportunity knocks, it’s important to answer, right?

Success in business depends upon the integration of many factors.  Commitment, excellent organizational skills, courage and vision are all important.  Choosing a direction and consistently working toward it is imperative.  All this, combined with an excellent business offering, will ensure that you’re poised to act when opportunity comes knocking.  Maintaining the momentum required for growth and advancement is important; however, is every opportunity worth the leap?

Success at all costs
Many of us were taught that in a job interview we must land the job – no matter what.  Once you’ve got the job then you can decide whether or not you want it.  However, chances are this tactic will not guarantee your career satisfaction; nor will it reflect well on your reputation.  Instead, what if you assessed each opportunity’s suitability based on its potential fit?  Approach each meeting from a fact-finding perspective and remember: as a job-seeker it is important that you ‘audition’ the prospective employer, as well as the other way round.

Verbal Branding - 4 Levels of Simultaneous Improvement (part 1 of 2)
by Stephen Melanson 
The most frequent complaints in the marketplace are something like: “We have no idea how to differentiate ourselves with so much competition” and “Everyone I talk to gets lost in all the details”.  Many people attribute this to sales and marketing problems. They are not but instead, a problem with brand positioning.  How a brand is developed and implemented both internally within a company and externally to its customers requires a spoken criteria for initial contact and a true verbal application for everyday use.  Rather than be standalone entities, sales and marketing become an important part of this brand platform.

A Verbal Branding platform is the only solution.  It combines brand positioning – one or two concepts at most that convey how you are “different and better” than the competition – with a fully defined application for all spoken interactions such as sales, networking, and presentation.

5 Seconds

It only takes five seconds worth of brand-oriented information to immediately differentiate you from your competition.  This information acts as the leading edge of your brand, regardless of what type of interaction comes after it. It’s what people remember about your brand and what you offer.  Not only is it remarkably simple and concise but it also offers an inherent competitive advantage because of its revolutionary approach. Instead of your one minute long elevator pitch, your readily remembered differentiation pitch is now 5 seconds.

Nothing to Tweet 
by Dave Walker

(continue)  for more Dave Walker cartoons

A Chance Meeting
by Norman Levine
Imagine a dinner party with 30 literary and visual arts luminaries and you are the fly on the wall or perhaps in the soup doing the backstroke listening to them jabbering away.

From mid-century 19th to mid-century 20th Rachel Cohen in her book,A Chance Meeting brings these poets and writers and photographers and artists alive on the page. After enormous research from diaries, memoirs and biographies she has found connective threads that became the tapestry of the American literary landscape.

We are treated to a stream of numinous moments such as Helen Keller remarking how she felt, in Mark Twain's handshake, the twinkle in his eye. We tag along with W.E.B. Dubois and his professor, William James on their visit to Helen Keller.

Small gestures are carefully observed as Charlie Chaplin ducks into a Hungarian restaurant to avoid a crowd and stays for four hours studying a violinist whose body movements he will later use in a film. Joseph Cornell is arrested for loitering outside a movie theater. He was entranced by the lit booth of the ticket seller on an otherwise dark street.



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