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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can get overwhelming. How high is your ROI?

Social media (def) - the sharing of information and content between people and groups. Unfortunately, it can easily get very confusing and overwhelming (like the figure above).

Effective social media is good business

Too many companies treat social media as something they must do. That's just wrong. With careful planning, social media is what they need to do. Only then is it effective.

Why is social media marketing for most companies unsuccessful? Simply put, they don't know how to market effectively with it. Being easy to use doesn't make it effective. Knowing how to use social media to make money and improve your brand recognition is the key.

And that's why you need us.

How our social media experts can help:

  • Strategic Marketing– The development and implementation of a comprehensive social media strategy designed to achieve your company’s specific goals. Aspects of strategizing include:
  • Marketing and PR – Utilizing social media to reach and expand your audience and reduce costs.

  • Content Creation – What you write and how you relate articles, posts, webinars, pictures to your brand and offering will immediately impact your results.
  • Policy – Ensure employees follow a clearly stated social media policy and be ready to act in the face of negative social traffic – which can go viral very quickly.

  • Branding – One of the key goals of most social marketing efforts: making your company – and you - stand out.

  • Blog development – A quality blog with great content will generate a lot of interest and followers. (They sometimes even make money.)

  • Search engine optimization – Social media is rapidly gaining in importance in search engine rankings (particularly in Google).

  • Analytics – Extremely important, particularly in campaign management. It is sometimes worthwhile creating separate landing pages just to assess different response rates.



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Developing a Social Media Strategy

When developing a social media strategy, it is imperative that you have a specific goal in mind. It might be reinforcing (or creating) your brand, driving traffic to your website or even improving your search engine rankings. Given the complexity and multitude of social media sites, it’s imperative that you develop and implement a well-conceived strategy. For without this strategy, your time, money and efforts may well be wasted.

We work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that will enhance their brand and ensure that they are remain focused on their highly targeted market niche. Their message is consistent and reinforced by using a range of posts and media from different social sites.